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China Arts Qing Cabinet
BJMJCB110 Qing cabinet has stylized relief carving designs in the shape of f animals: Horse, Dog, Deer and Goat. The hand rubbed antique looking.
China Arts Mirror Door Chinese Cabinet
BJTLCA35 An exceptional display of art and craft, cabinets doors feature hand carved organic shapes fitted atop aged frosted mirrors. pastel ring.
China Arts Peking Cabinet
BJTLCA14 Sporting a weathered and worn look, Elmwood Peking cabinet embodies beauty through simplicity. fine example of the spare, elegant design,.
China Arts Shan Xi Distressed Cabinet
BJTLCA12 Sleek in design and look, cabinet is the embodiment of minimalist aesthetic. fine example of spare and elegant design, the antique looking.
China Arts Longevity Design Sideboard
BJAC10ILF Made of by artisans in China. The longevity symbol is in a fine manner carved on every door with brass door pulls accentuating the center..

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