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China Arts Longevity Design Zen Sideboard
cute solid cabinet has the Chinese symbol of longevity on the doors. removable shelf is behind the brass handled doors, with interior.
China Arts Zen Sideboard Espresso
Sleek in form and design, sideboard is the embodiment of Classical Buddhist Zen philosophy. It retains a minimalistic aesthetic, still.
China Arts Pearl Inlay Curio Cabinet
petite curio cabinet to display treasured collectibles. Hand inlaid mof pearl flowers decorated the full cabinet. Made of solid rosewood.
China Vintage Chinese Rosewood Altar Cabinet Sideboard
Take look at Chinese Antique Rosewood Altar Cabinet or Sideboard. It was made by solid rosewood with beautiful carving works on the front.
China Arts Mother Pearl Design Round Dining Table Chairs
Completely handmade in solid rosewood by artisans in China, using the traditional joinery technique. rosewood round dining table is laced.

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